Coconut Shrimp with tamarind sauce

Coconut Shrimp with Tamarind Sauce (Agave syrup) 

This recipe is made by Galileo Bedolla





Tamarind Sauce Ingredients 


-Chile Serrano



-Bay Leaves

-Tamarind pulp

-Ambar/Light tepa agave syrup 

Once you have everything prepared mixit properly until you mix all the flavors.

Coconut Shrimp


-Grated dry coconut.



-Soya Sauce


Mix the Eggs with the soya sauce, then you will use it to bread the shrimp with the flour and repeat the process with the dry coconut until all the shrimps are well breaded.

Fry the shrimp for a few seconds until the coconut is well toasted.

You could use rice and a salad as a accompaniment as shown on the picture.

As the final touch pour Tepaagave Syrup on top of the Shrimp and experience a magical flavors with this plate.

Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more recipes.